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  1. A

    DPT School - Study Habits

    As some realize, grad school is no undergrad and those study habits ain’t working! I almost never studied(well) in undergrad, and you can’t survive grad school 4 weeks into PT school, a D in one exam(Movement Science) and something needs to change. This Covid move to online learning is...
  2. B

    Haven't needed to study much for pre-med. Will I be unprepared for medical school?

    Hello! I created an account just to post this question because it's been stressing me out for a while. I've received great grades in all of my pre-med classes and didn't really need to study for them. I'm worried that once classes get even harder in med school I won't know how to study enough...
  3. doctorstrangerthingz

    240+ scorers, what were your study habits during classes?

    I’m currently an M1. I was wondering, for the people who scored 240+ on step, what specific study habits did you find helpful in learning the material from class? Would anyone be willing to share their routines/strategy/resources? (pls be specific if you can). I can’t help but think of how...
  4. J

    Studying Habits in Dental School?

    Hey y'all, I'm about to start dental school in about a week, and I was wondering if anyone has good study tips/habits or any helpful resources like any apps or electronic resources. Thanks!
  5. I

    To the straight A students...what’s your secret?

    Hi everyone, This semester has probably been the most frustrating on yet. I’ve just been getting one bad grade after another and I’m really close to the breakin point honestly :( The amount of time I’m putting in is not the issue - I believe it just may not be the most effective way? What...
  6. D

    Do med students ever have to cram or scramble to meet deadlines

    Super dumb question, I know, but I wanted to ask anyway. I'm a second year ugrad and I admit I am very guilty of the habit of putting things off, then cram/write paper/do project last minute. I believe the reason for this is my perfectionism... Though up to this point I've been getting good...
  7. V

    How to study in veterinary school

    Hello, I am a first year veterinary student who just finished having a meltdown about, surprise! Vet school. I freaked out over the fact that it’s taking me so long to finish handwriting my lectures, while also studying for my upcoming exams. I’ve been hand writing lectures my whole academic...
  8. brunettestudentdoc

    Study habit advice

    We just ended out CV module, and I thought I had a firm understanding of the material, but when our grades came out, apprentally I didn’t. I was wondering if anyone had any major study habit styles or anything really to help me do better on our next module.
  9. J

    Studying during Fall Semester

    Hi! Just wanted to ask those who studied for the MCAT during a school semester how they attacked both content review and practice problems/full lengths & What did you think was the greatest tip you received while studying? I'm planning on taking the late January exam! Thank you :)
  10. G

    Studying Habits Normal Or Abnormal?

    I am a junior in college. Organic Chemistry I / Lab Physics I / Lab Calculus Abnormal Psychology Developmental Psychology I'm in class 9AM-6PM almost every day. I have organic lab twice a week and physics lab once a week. I have 3 typed lab reports due every week, and pre labs due, as well as...
  11. B

    Female Study Partner

    I've just started preparing for Step 1, i'm looking for a serious female study partner to review/discuss Kaplan notes and First Aid. My Skype ID is: Carib.doc I plan on taking the exam in 2017.
  12. I

    Advertisement Tutoring by Harvard/Hopkins Faculty

    Looking for the very best tutors for MCAT, USMLE Step 1 or 2, CCSSA etc. Go to . Tap into the experience of two academic physicians who taught at Harvard, University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins medical school and get the results you need. Whether it is mapping out a...
  13. F

    I wish I studied for the MCAT the same way I study in med school

    I am a pre-med student and yes I know this is the medical students forum. But I really want to know what medical students mean when they say, " I wish I studied for the MCAT the same way I study in med school." What is the difference that you guys have noticed on the way you guys study. I am...