Studying Habits Normal Or Abnormal?

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Oct 17, 2016
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I am a junior in college.

Organic Chemistry I / Lab
Physics I / Lab
Abnormal Psychology
Developmental Psychology

I'm in class 9AM-6PM almost every day. I have organic lab twice a week and physics lab once a week. I have 3 typed lab reports due every week, and pre labs due, as well as online chemistry, online math homework, written math and written physics homework and assignments for psychology (easy). Outside of that I'm studying. Studying/homework is pretty much from 6PM-12AM every day. Friday my last class ends 2PM and I stay in the library until almost 10PM. And 30+ hours on the weekend I get up at 9AM and close my books at around 6PM both Saturday and Sunday. I study for organic, physics and calculus every day and do practice problems every day. The issue is I feel like I work harder than everyone else for subpar grades. I have to prepare 2 weeks prior to an exam and do practice every day and sometimes even doing that I don't achieve the grade I feel like I deserve. If I get my exam back I blame myself and I isolate myself even more and study even more. It's just a constant cycle.

By the end of the day I am so exhausted. I feel like I don't have a life. I feel really isolated and alone all I do is study in the library all day. Weekends I hear people getting ready to go out and here I am in my room studying. At the end of the day all I do is play on my phone for about 30 mins go to bed and do it over again.

It's reached the point I have no friends. Absolutely none because I've isolated myself so much. And it bothers me because for all the work I put in studying 2 hrs for each class every day I should be getting As but I'm not.

And people in my classes love to brag about studying the night before and getting good grades.

My psychology classes are pretty much easy A's I can study 2-3 days before the exam and do well.

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I can't speak for medical school, but as far as undergrad is concerned this will pass. I'm currently undergoing my worst semester, having organic, molecular bio, calc II, and the second installment of my calculus based physics plus a 3 credit art. From the moment I wake up I'm working on school until I go to bed each week day. I take a break now and then to eat some piece of junk or peruse SDN or something. I allow Saturdays for decompression and general debauchery. This is the course load deliberately prescribed to premeds to see if they can handle the rigors MS. You'll get through it. Winter break is not far away.

That said, with all the work you're apparently putting in you should probably be getting A's. Are you quite familiar with your professors? My relationships with mine have been absolutely vital to my success.
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Yeah I've been feeling really down because of how much work I have and how late I need to stay up studying and how much time I dedicate to it. Nice to remember winter break is near
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Your self-assessment is right on: you are studying more than expected. I'd recalibrate your method, otherwise you're looking at issues handling course work at a graduate level.

Where are your extracurriculars? Research, sports, family, friends, etc. Huge flags for any ADCOM.

Theres your straight answer. Anything else is fluff.
Try to figure out a more efficient way to study if possible. End studying at around 11 p.m. on the weekdays and get some more rest. End early on Saturday (~ 5 p.m.) and go do something fun with friends. Study later on Sunday evening (~ 10 p.m.) to make up for a few hours. Keep working though- the grind is normal.
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