study resources

  1. KLS93

    MD & DO Useful Study Resources for M1 & M2 Years

    Hello fellow med students! I am a current M2 and have younger sibling who is preparing to begin M1 year this August. My brother has recently been asking me many questions about what books/sources he will need, so I figured I would pass this information on to the medical community at large --...
  2. hiphopcrates

    Lecturio vs Pathoma?

    I'm an M1 in a systems-based curriculum that's very pathology-heavy already. Am having trouble learning from my lecturers, mostly because I feel like I don't have a context for the material. It's much easier for me to memorize when I UNDERSTAND what's going on. I have Firecracker as a resource...
  3. Signifier

    Materials for studying *clinically relevant* anatomy?

    Hi all! I completed half of MS3 and I'm currently taking a research year. I'd like to review medicine a bit during my time away from rotations, and one area I'd like to focus on is clinically relevant anatomy. I did well in my MS1 anatomy thread and I learned a ton of stuff, but most it now...