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7+ Year Member
Apr 22, 2010
Medical Student
Hi all! I completed half of MS3 and I'm currently taking a research year. I'd like to review medicine a bit during my time away from rotations, and one area I'd like to focus on is clinically relevant anatomy. I did well in my MS1 anatomy thread and I learned a ton of stuff, but most it now seems useless. And when I come to "reviewing and relearning anatomy" in my list of goals, I know that I definitely do not want to dig through hundreds of pages of Gray's when the things I actually need to know in the wards are such a tiny fraction of what's covered there.

Can anyone recommend any current books/resources that focus on just the most important, clinically relevant anatomy? The anatomy that I should know deeply for actual medical practice? (Before anyone asks, I'm most likely going into internal medicine after graduating).

Thanks for any information! And please ask me clarifying questions if needed.
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