1. cmanigat

    9 New, Unused MCAT prep books for sale

    I participated in a pre-med MCAT Prep program last summer with Blueprint (NextStep MCAT Prep). I accidentally received 2 sets of the MCAT prep material and unfortunately, they did not accept returns/exchanges. Thus, I have 2 identical sets of 9 MCAT prep books and I would like to sell one of...
  2. D

    Please help, what am I doing wrong?

    Hi everyone, I really, really need some advice. OMS-I in the second semester here. Our test next week on Monday is covering Immunology and Physiology. The problem is, it's going to be on 20+ Immunology lectures and about 15 Physiology lectures. Physiology I don't have a problem with. Immunology...
  3. B

    How to study Anki cards in order?

    OMS-I here. I've made some Anki cards, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to review the cards in order by which they were created. Can someone help? Thanks!
  4. N

    Has anyone ever had this problem?

    Greetings, everyone! First year medical student here, from Europe. My interest in medicine is enourmous. The problem that I have is whenever I read something from the textbook, I always,always search in google, or from some good authors on the subject to backup the information from the...
  5. B

    What is the most efficient way or studying? (MCAT)

    Hi, I'm retaking the MCAT this July. Last time I studied, I just studied directly from the books I had and tried to do the associated practice problems. This wasn't helping me retain the information for long periods of time. I find that making outlines/taking notes of each chapter of my MCAT...