studying dat exam

  1. Boise State Bronco

    Best way to take notes in studying for the DAT?

    I am going to start studying for the DAT on Monday and I'm getting excited to start going. What are the most effective ways to take notes while studying? My friend uses OneNote for his MCAT prep notes, but I'm more of a paper and pen person. Although using the computer it will be a lot easier to...
  2. N

    Is this possible??

    Hello everyone. I'm going to apply for a Dental school in 2018, but Im thinking of taking this Nov Canadian Dat (as I think starting fast is better than doing later) Ive started to study since Aug, but only covered 50~60% of General Chem and Bio in Princeton review book, without starting Qs...
  3. C

    Chicago Study Group for DAT

    If anyone is studying for the DAT or MCAT right now I would love to join you, or better yet we can start a new study group. Let me know.