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Aug 29, 2016
Hello everyone.
I'm going to apply for a Dental school in 2018, but Im thinking of taking this Nov Canadian Dat (as I think starting fast is better than doing later)
Ive started to study since Aug, but only covered 50~60% of General Chem and Bio in Princeton review book, without starting Qs, PAT, Rc.

In this Sept, I'm going to take only one course "Organic chem I" and work once a week.
My friend keeps saying organic chem is so hard, and now I'm worried if I can study Nov DAT by taking a organic chem course and working once/week.

For now, I'm thinking of taking both Nov Dat 2016, and Feb Dat 2017.
--> My second option was taking Feb Dat 2017 without taking Nov one. But in that case, I would have Sept to Jan (5months) to study..which might make me less motivated enough. (guess it depends on my will)

Anyhow, I would like to have any advice or opinions on this issue.
Thank you so much!