1. M

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  2. P

    VSAS electives vs. SubI for audition season

    Hi there - just got a VSAS offer for an elective at a place I am dying to get an interview. Unfortunately I applied to all the subinternships at the hospital but was granted an elective instead (my last preference). Is it still worth taking the elective? I’ve been told I won’t have the...
  3. DrLefty

    USF-Morsani PM&R Rotation

    I'm looking at USF as a potential residency location for PM&R, I'd like to do an away rotation there to try and up my chances, but I can't seem to find out if/which rotation is the best one for that. I found MEL 8359 - Intro to Physical Med & Rehab, Neurology on VSAS says that it's...
  4. nbp.medlaw

    [UC Davis PRS] Visiting Resident Help Needed starting APRIL 3, 2017!!

    Repeating an open invitation, this time for Visiting Residents: The UC Davis Division of Plastic Surgery is seeking Visiting Residents to help cover our service starting APRIL 2017. We currently lack any intern coverage for the months of April, May, and June 2017. I've received some responses...
  5. C

    Preparing for Rotations after Gap Year? 3 Months to Go. What Do?

    Hello, I am finishing up my gap year (research) and will be returning to 4th year in about 3 months. By this time it will have been an entire year since my last rotation (psych :/) I will be starting my first sub-i on inpatient Internal Medicine. Does anyone know of the best ways in which to...