1. Planes2Doc

    Planes2doc's Thoughts on Mental Illness, Suicide, & 13 Reasons Why

    Depression. Anxiety. Mental illness. Suicide. Healthcare is a field where we work to help treat patients and make them better. But for healthcare workers, and those aspiring to become healthcare workers, there can be a paradoxical effect. Instead of feeling better, they feel worse. Here...
  2. B

    Chemistry undergrad feeling very hopeless

    This is my first time on this website, and I found it at a very good time because the past week has been one of the most hopeless. I'm a third year chemistry and psychology double major and I just finished my first midterms. My first two years were iffy and my GPA right now is 2.6 which upsets...
  3. doe_eyed

    failed again Really need advice-should I change my jurisdiction??

    Hi, I would really appreciate a lot of comments to this...because a week ago I was wishing for my own death.
  4. U

    Fighting suicidal thoughts s/p forced to resign 2nd specialty

    I want to keep this vague enough to conceal my identity. I'd like to give more info but my history is unique and would give me away. Don't wanna get committed. I had started my residency in a new field after a gap in my training. I knew it would be tough to catch up with general clinical stuff...