summer 2021

  1. M

    UAB MSBHS 2021

    Hi, I wanted to start a post for the upcoming summer semester. I applied back in January but I haven't heard anything back yet and thought maybe others would be looking to connect.
  2. K

    SUNY Downstate Early Medical Education Summer 2021 Application

    Hello! Has anyone applied to this program this year or are there any students who were granted acceptance last cycle and can talk about their experience ? I submitted my application yesterday!
  3. moralis

    Applying to NIH SIP (2021)

    Hi everyone, I have a couple questions about applying to NIH SIP. 1. I have heard a lot that you should email PI’s there rather than simply going through the application. For those who have done it before— is this true? If so, should I email PI’s before or after submitting an application? 2...
  4. N

    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of St. Augustine SAN MARCOS MOT Summer 2021

    Anyone out there waiting for their decisions letter or email from san marcos campus for the summer 2021 cohort?
  5. LoveOTYKMe

    General Admissions & OTCAS University of St. Augustine

    Has anyone applied to the USA OTD program in Dallas? What were your stats?