summer research programs

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    NIDDK 2023 summer program

    Didn't see a thread and thought I'd start one! anyone hear back?
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    Summer Research at Home Institution vs Away (SRTP)

    Hi everyone! Would love some advice! For context, I am an M1 at a top 50 medical school in the US. I am very interested in cardiology (so internal medicine). But I just recently developed an interest in dermatology too. I have been trying to decide what would be best for my upcoming summer so...
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    Should I apply to summer research programs?

    I am a rising sophomore and I have been looking into applying for summer research internships. There is one at my school and I am going to be emailing professors at my school. I just dont want to put all of my eggs in one basket and end up disappointed. I am an URM and was planning to apply to...
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    MGH SRTP-how likely is it to get off the waitlist?

    I was waitlisted for MGH SRTP a few days ago. Was wondering if anyone from previous years was waitlisted and got in? Or does anyone know how likely it is to make it off the waitlist?
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    International student fully funded winter/summer research

    Hi, I've read and browsed this site for some time but can't seem to find information on fully funded research positions for undergrads outside the U.S. I've completed some work(resulted in no publication and was really half-way),does someone know of any opportunity?
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    Summer Research Programs for Younger Students

    Greetings! I hope that you have had a great day today. I am in my fourth year of a five year major in Biochemistry. I hope to apply to MD/PhD programs, eventually. To this goal, I would like to join a summer research program to gain experience researching under different PIs. I have had one...