Summer Research Programs for Younger Students

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Jul 7, 2017
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Greetings! I hope that you have had a great day today.

I am in my fourth year of a five year major in Biochemistry. I hope to apply to MD/PhD programs, eventually. To this goal, I would like to join a summer research program to gain experience researching under different PIs. I have had one year of wet lab experience and half a year of dry lab experience. In general, I would be qualified to enter any summer research lab.

I have one main problem: I may be too young for some programs.

I am 15, now, and will be 16 by next summer.

Thus, I would like to ask: Which programs would allow me to enter?

Thank you for your help.

tl;dr: OP is now 15, will turn 16, so what summer research programs for college students would accept him?

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Tough situation. Most programs for high school students do not allow college students to apply.

Most programs for college students have an age cutoff at 17/18.

Instead of trying to find a program, you'd be better off directly finding a PI at institutions that you're interested in researching at. It's an easier, direct and quick approach. Although you may get no response from most PIs, it's the best bet for your situation imo.