1. H

    Ph.D/Psy.D scope of practice - lightboxes, exercise, diet, supplements

    Hi all, I'm wondering if a Ph.D/Psy.D can recommend something like lightbox therapy to someone with SAD, or Omega 3's for ADHD/melatonin for sleep, or various types of exercise for depression, or a non-processed food diet for mood, etc... Or is all of that psychiatry only?
  2. 3lindsy5

    Counseling on Elemental Calcium

    How do you guys explain to a patient that elemental calcium is different than what is listed on the bottle (calcium carb or calcium citrate)? And how to help them calculate their total daily dose based on that. I have tried math (0.4 x the bottles listed mg for carb & 0.21 for citrate), I've...
  3. L

    Best supplement stack for interviews?

    This post is for research perhaps only, perhaps on a mouse model. What supplements would you recommend before interviews? Some caffeine, l-theanine potentially ephedrine could be a calm sharpness, but we want to get the absolute most out of our mice. Modafinil or 2-FA combined with etizolam is...
  4. J

    Fee Waivers for Dental School Supplements

    Hey all! So, I got my AADSAS Fee Assistance Program approved and I used it to pay for my primary applications. Some schools sent me an email saying that if I was approved for a fee waiver, then I should email that to them to use FAP as a payment for my supplement. Does that only apply if I...