1. D

    How competitive am I for SURPs/SURFs/REUs?

    I’m a freshman applying to SURFs this summer and I have no idea where I stand in terms of competitiveness. I have a 4.0 but some mid-high 80s (Canadian, transcript says numerical % and letter grade “A” for all courses). I have one year’s experience as a volunteer research assistant doing dry...
  2. whatintardigration

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread (SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2020

    Alright so I figured I'd try to start this year's thread. What programs has everyone applied to? I applied to: Jackson Laboratory Gerstner Sloan Kettering University of Oregon (Rejected 2/14) Purdue MBAP Cornell MBG REU Tufts University Pepperdine SURB Northeastern University NCAT REU Synthetic...
  3. SelmerSA80SII

    Internship Choice: Prestige vs. Product?

    I'm currently fielding a few internship offers, as a Junior and Computational Biology Major. Despite talking to a few advisors and reps from each program, I am still extremely stressed in deciding which to accept. I want to pursue MDPhD programs after taking a gap year for some sort of...
  4. TheRealBatmanMD

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread ( SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2019

    It's now or never
  5. T

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread ( SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2018

    Figure it's as good as time as any to create this one. Early bird gets the worm!
  6. F

    Are SURF Programs Paid?

    I'm interested in applying to a SURF at Mayo Jacksonville or Cincinatti Children's, but I don't see any indication of a stipend. If they are not paid, I can still afford to go, but does this mean that they are easier to get into?
  7. M

    Publication or Summer Research Program?

    I am currently in a dilemma... Hoping you guys could help me make a choice: I am currently a sophomore in college. I have applied to various summer undergraduate research programs and am very interested in attending one of these programs if I am accepted. All of the programs are pretty...
  8. premedabbey

    Summer Research Application Penn State Hershey SURF

    Is anyone applying to any of the Penn State Hershey Summer Undergraduate Research Programs? I'm interested in more than one of the programs (AHA and SURIP) but it seems you can only apply to one. Is it just one application for all or can you only apply to one program?