switching residency

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    PGY1 rethinking choosing anesthesia

    PGY-1 really worried about going into anesthesia. I really enjoyed anesthesia as a medical student but after doing my rotations in the ICU I’m starting to think I made a terrible choice for my personality. I didn’t realize how much ICU is a part of anesthesia and I’m at a program where we do 2...
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    Position Wanted Current PGY1 EM looking for PGY1 or PGY2 EM in South Florida

    I'm currently a PGY1 EM resident in north florida and am looking to transfer or swap to a south florida program- either to restart PGY1 or as a PGY2. Help! :)
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    Switching from Anesthesia to EM

    Putting feelers out to see if anyone has done this and what their experience has been? Current PGY2 Anesthesia resident, was torn between Anesthesia and EM so interviewed and applied both. Ranked Anesthesia higher, matched to a great program. Realize now that I miss the teamwork, diagnostics...
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    Applying for Neurology PGY2 (R) position

    Hi, I am an IM PGY1 resident at a university program in TX. I am also an IMG and a permanent resident. I feel I enjoy Neurology more than IM and am interested in switching speciality and would like to apply for PGY2 (R) positions in the upcoming match. I would also like to live close to my...
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    Reapplying for the match in EM. Concern about funding.

    I originally applied EM. I went into the match with only one SLOE. This was because I could not get an away rotation any sooner. I failed to match and SOAP'ed into a different specialty. I really tried to make it work. I like the program and the people are great. The specialty just isn't for me...
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    Re-applying through Match for IM

    Hi y'all, I graduated from medical school in 2014 and started OB/GYN residency training at that time up until June 2016. I had family issues that I had to take care of which messed with my ability to pass USMLE Step 3 within the three allowed attempts for Texas licensure and for contract...
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    Switching residency program within IM

    Hey there. I have a question, hoping to get some information regarding the process of transfer. My wife and i matched this year into PGY1, but unfortunately she matched in Florida and I matched in NY (as we did not apply for a couple match). Now we are wondering what are the options available to...