1. S

    Transferring Residency Questions

    Hello Everyone I'm an IM intern in an osteopathic residency looking to transfer into an ACGME program. If I get accepted to the new program are there any restrictions to transfer? Will it be a match violation? - I scrambled into an AOA program.
  2. A

    Switching to Family Medicine

    Hello all, First time poster here. I am about to finish my intern year in OBGYN and would like to apply to the Match next year for Family Medicine. For the most part my stats were pretty competitive for ob but it just didn't fit my personality or my long term goals. Also I'm in another state...
  3. S

    Unique premed question?

    Hey, So I'm new to this forum (as in having an account) but have used this forum multiple times before. My question is fairly simple/straightforward (I think). I'm currently a sophomore in college. Over this past summer I realized I wanted to become a doctor and go into the field of medicine...
  4. L

    Should I switch from pre-pharmacy to pre-dental?

    So I've been hearing about all the horrid aspects of the oversaturated job market for pharmacists and the poor working conditions in retail and that getting a residency is nearly impossible. I go to a state school and just completed by freshman year. So far I've taken: Orgo I + lab Anatomy and...
  5. G

    The Switch to NRMP

    As we progress to 2020, all the osteopathic programs that become pre-accredited and finally accredited will be trickling over to the NRMP from the NMS. I wanted to see if there is a list of the programs that have switched over already, and if there isn't we should start one right here. As far...
  6. C

    Position Swap S. Cali FM resident switch

    FM PGY1 in Southern California looking to switch to FM residency starting next year in Chicago, NY, or DC area. Looking to change to be closer to family. Please let me know if you are interested.
  7. SALLS23

    Switch back into Pre-pharm? Yay or Nay?

    I need some honest opinions here. So in 2011 I was in pre-pharm at a local Purdue campus. I completed a lot of the pre-requisites but didn't finish the most important ones like organic chemistry, biochem, and immunology. I had a sudden fear of loans and school and switched my major. Before I...