1. D

    When is it a "reach" school based on your GPA and DAT?

    Say you have a 3.55 GPA and 23 AA DAT -- is it >= 3.6 for GPA? >= 3.7? etc. What about DAT scores? I know, splitting hairs here LOL and there are certainly all the other aspects of a candidate since it's a holistic picture of you. I'm just trying to filter the final list for this cycle. TIA!
  2. Franzliszt1

    Bad news

    Dear SDN, This week has come with some bad news. I realized that 1) Due to financial constraints I will be able to apply to max 9 schools. FAP not an option. 2) My cGPA will appear a full point lower than I thought. My school transcript says 3.6, but because I have so many A+s in my last...
  3. C

    Fair RVU target/benchmark for General Cardiology?

    Can anyone comment on what is a fair wRVU threshold for a new graduate in the general cardiology (non-invasive) job market? Or alternatively $/wRVU for Small town/rural location in the Southeast. Thanks!
  4. A

    Target pharmacy techs?

    I was wondering if anyone was a pharmacy technician at target cvs? Since cvs bought target pharmacy I haven't found much information on the pay or anything. Can someone who's a current technician there help me out?
  5. P

    Working at Safeway as a pharmacist

    It has been quite some time on here since I've seen any posts or comments about working at Safeway as a pharmacist. Can anyone who works at Safeway or has worked there give any insight as to whether to take a position at Safeway as a pharmacist. Is the pharmacist expected to be the cashier also...
  6. K

    School Suggestions Please?

    Happy to get back my April MCAT score today: 520. cGPA=3.85. I was thinking targets might be Emory, Georgetown, Miami, USC, Tufts etc. but I am not sure because I realize that my science GPA is a bit lower than their medians according to the MSAR. Will this be an issue? Or will my MCAT score...
  7. E

    How many volunteer hours?

    I currently have about... 400 hours volunteering at a camp (but this was a couple summers ago) 70 hours tutoring inner city kids Will hopefully have at least 40 hours volunteering at a hospital by May I'm really worried I don't have enough. What is considered average for volunteer hours? If...
  8. E

    School suggestions?

    Hi, I'm a junior applying to med schools this coming cycle. I desperately need suggestions for schools that might be targets for me. I do have the MSAR but there is just so much data, it can be hard to make sense of. cGPA=3.7. Should be around 3.72 by May! sGPA=3.6. Should be higher in May...
  9. K

    What is a target school?

    When looking at a school's GPA and MCAT stats, what is a target vs reach?