1. A

    visible tattoos as a med school applicant/student/resident

    i know that it's super early for me to be thinking about this (freshman in college), but i've been thinking about getting a tattoo on my chest (probably a butterfly or something) to accessorize my open heart surgery scar. would the fact that it's going to go over a scar even matter if i were to...
  2. Bmllyn0626

    Visible small tattoo on arm

    I have a small tattoo above my elbow and it will definitely show if I’m wearing scrubs. I was thinking that I can cover it up with a band-aid, but I might have to invest a lot money on band-aids for the rest of my life. Or I can get laser removal, but it hurts so much and I’ll have to do it...
  3. segeorge

    Tattoos and scrubbing

    Does anyone know if the lye soap used for scrubbing into surgery will affect/damage a tattoo? EDIT: After reading some comments I realize that no one uses lye for scrubbing. For some reason I must have misheard the vet at the practice I volunteer at when he told me the type of soap they used. I...
  4. X

    Body mods?

    Hi, I wasn't quite sure where to post this so I figured I would do it in the surgery forum since that is where I am most interested in. I am turning 16 soon and getting a tattoo on my forearm, now I know that usually that's a bad idea to get one at such a young age but its to commemorate my...