1. T


    Hi Everyone! I will be filing my own taxes this year as a medical student and need some input on what you guys would do. I have a joint account as a primary account holder with my partner (not married). I do receive financial aid as well. Would you guys use a tax accountant or TurboTax as I get...
  2. W

    How does my spouse effect financial aid?

    So I am marrying a med student the summer before he heads to med school. He has no undergrad debt and I have a good bit of undergrad debt. He got lots of grants for undergrad based on his parent's financials. So my questions are: does he have to do this year's FAFSA in regards to us and not...
  3. D

    Married Medical students: file taxes seperately or joint?

    Hey guys...seeking advice on what to do about taxes. I know im close to the deadline here, so hoping to get some insight on what others are doing soon. My husband is non medical professional and im a 4th year about to graduate and start residency in June, i have heard if i file separately and...
  4. clinicalscience808

    Marriage effect on taxes while in school

    I didn't see any prior posts about this specific section of the subject but if there are any I'd be happy to read! :) I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and am heading to vet school in Fall 2018. We've been talking about getting married (we're basically engaged just not publicly) but I...
  5. W

    Lifetime learning credit timing

    Recent May 2016 medical graduate here. Am I still eligible for a Lifetime learning credit tax deduction this year if my 2016 tuition was paid late December 2015? My school wont provide a 1098T form since it was technically in the 2015 calendar year. I would obviously like to avoid getting audited...
  6. M

    Question about REPAYE vs PAYE in unique situation

    Hi all, I have a question about the best loan repayment plan for my situation. I searched the prior forums and couldn't find this situation precisely so I was hoping someone could help me sort out some of these issues. I have been trying to collect data about this decision and have found it...
  7. D

    Tax advantages of working for spouse

    I am wondering if I should start a home based business for the marketing work I do for my spouse, seems the home office deduction, travel expenses, etc. might make it worth it. Anyone do this?
  8. D

    Spouse helps with marketing, home based business?

    I help my physician spouse with marketing, etc. Wondering if it would make sense to start a home based business and have her practice actually pay me and then take advantage of possible tax benefits. Anyone have any experience in this area? Thanks!
  9. Elewynne

    Cash In Refi tax question

    Odd question: We have a former home that has been a rental for the past couple years. Last year we refinanced that rental property to both lower the interest rate and get rid of the PMI. The new mortgage appraisal came in just shy of the 20% needed to get rid of the PMI, so we put a couple...
  10. Doctor J

    Contract question and taxes

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had any previous experience with this issue. A broken contract that has 'Golden Handcuffs' in it - I.e. Signing bonus or other bonus money that immediately becomes repayable in case of broken contract. Say Doctor Indebted signed a contract in 2010 for 10...