tech to pharmacist

  1. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Pharmacy tech in pharmacy school!

    Hey guys, so I worked as a pharmacy technician for 8 months with a Salary of $10.50 per hour, and I remember at the time, the store manager (Walgreens) mentioned that upon ententering pharmacy school the salary will increase to around $15-20 an hour, and then upon completing my p2 (or p3? I...
  2. S

    CVS Pharm Tech to Pharmacist

    Hey all, I work for CVS as a Pharmacy Technician, I was wondering if CVS keeps you like a "loyalty" thing and they will offer you a job as a Pharmacist after all is done. I graduated from Unviersity with a degree in Chemistry and I will be going back to get my pre-reqs completed so I can apply...