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  1. beyoutiful_sunshine

    Texas State DPT Class of 2020

    Hi Guys!! I don't know if anyone on here plans on attending Texas State University, but if you do, we created a Facebook Group (: The link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/706581596174214/ I invited people based on their email addresses on TRACS, so hopefully I got everybody!
  2. F

    Texas State University interview questions?

    Last week I got an email for an interview with Texas State University in San Marcos for the DPT program. My interview is this Friday Nov. 18th and I was wondering if anyone that attended or got an interview from them, can give any insight how the interview process is? What kind of questions do...
  3. beyoutiful_sunshine

    2016-2017 Texas Applicants

    Hello! I tried to get a thread like this going earlier this summer but hopefully now that more people applied, there will be more response. In the spirit of two similar threads for 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 that helped me A LOT, I thought it would be great to have a thread like this to get the...
  4. O

    Below Minimum GRE scores

    Hey guys! just had a quick question for you all! I was wondering if anyone on here has gained admission to Texas PT school (ex: UTSW, Texas State, Texas Tech) with below minimum GRE scores? I haven't taken my GRE yet, but would like some, somewhat good news if I don't get the scores l need...
  5. beyoutiful_sunshine

    Texas PT Schools App 2016-2017

    In the spirit of 2 other threads that have been of great help, I thought about starting a thread for those applying to PT schools in Texas this upcoming cycle. Stats: University: Sam Houston State University Major: Health Science Overall GPA: 3.93 Science: 3.98 Pre-Req: ~ 3.91-4.0 GRE: 153 V...