the berkley review

  1. GosuSummoner

    Selling a Variety of NEW MCAT Books (Used it to get a 516 on the MCAT) Name your best offer

    I AM SELLING ALL MY MCAT BOOKS. Please either DM me for the prices or text me at (225)773-8420. They are selling fast. All books are in new condition. The second picture has all very updated and new mcat textbooks. The Berkeley ones are the ones still being used in the course today and so are...
  2. taharahislam

    The Berkley Review Anki Deck

    Does anybody have a pre-made Anki deck for The Berkley Review books they’d be willing to share? 🥺
  3. taharahislam

    The Berkely Review MCAT Course

    Has anyone taken the MCAT course at TBR? What was it like? Do you recommend it for someone who needs structure in their studying?
  4. S

    Selling MCAT Books (2017 Berkeley Review set, Examkrackers (10th ed), Kaplan (2nd edition), etc.

    Hey guys, I wanted to sell my MCAT books now that I have been accepted into medical school! Let me know if you are interested! Examkrackers 10th edition: 120$ OBO Kaplan 2nd edition: 50$ OBO Berkeley Review 2017 for new MCAT: 350$ OBO Just Message me for the other books. If you buy any of the...
  5. V

    The Berkely Review Complete Set + EK Verbal 101

    Selling my Berkeley Review book set (all 10 of them) which are in excellent condition - no writing, underlining, highlighting whatsoever. I take very good care of my books. I can also include the EK verbal 101 passages book I used - with minimal writing (with pencil) for FREE. I would like to...
  6. W

    Examkrackers VS. TBR VS. Others

    Hey everyone, I need advice on what and how to study for the MCAT. I've been studying via Kaplan since September 2017 and it hasn't been as helpful as I desired. I recently paid for a EK course that begins in February and I want to take the MCAT June 1 or 2. However, in undergrad (graduated in...