1. I

    Relationship b/w cooperativity/allostery and entropy

    Hi SDN! I was wondering what the relationship between cooperativity and entropy is with regards to hemoglobin and oxygen binding. I came across a question in TPR biochem review on this topic and in the answer description it says "consistent with the 'cooperativity' phenomenon of each of these...
  2. P

    Exothermic Rxns & Temperature

    For a reaction that is exothermic and proceeds with an increase in entropy, how will increasing temperature affect ΔG? ΔG = ΔH - TΔS ΔH is negative because it's exothermic and the question states ΔS is positive. ΔG is negative. If you increase T, ΔG will become more negative and the rxn is...
  3. sera2018

    Bond Energy and Stability ?

    I'm having a hard time conceptually making sense of high E bonds and energy release. I've learned that bonds store energy and so was under the impression that breaking a bond would release Energy but it's the opposite. In ATP hydrolysis, it's favorable and exergonic. I've read another thread...
  4. briggsinator2

    Ea (activation energy) and constant k

    Question: so in Chad's videos it is suggested that an increase in Ea (activation energy) causes a decrease in the reaction coefficient k, because an increased Ea will decrease the rate. However, in Princeton Review it is suggested that thermodynamics (i.e. Ea) are independent of kinetics (i.e...
  5. CareerNumTwo

    BCP Question. Mech Eng 235: Thermodynamics: Physics or "Other Science"

    Over a decade ago I was a mechanical engineering major. I took ME 235 which is a thermodynamics class but it's taught by the Mechanical Engineering department. On the AADSAS website they say "Physics" classes include Thermodynamics. However, I've also been told that the class should only...