1. G

    2018-2019 Psychology PhD/PsyD Interview Thread (Fall 2019)

    Wondering when people are receiving their invites... Post your invitations here and I will update often. Add oil! Below is the format for posting that has been used in the past: School Name: Date Interview Invite Received: Degree: PhD/PsyD Type: Clinical/Counseling/School/Combined/Experimental...
  2. ayed22

    What happened to this forum?

    This forum used to be so lit from what I can tell by looking at the old posts. Just wondering what happened to it and if there are other URM's out there that might want to connect!
  3. meowmeowmeowmeow

    Anyone willing to look over my Work/Activities section?

    I was wondering if someone would be willing to look over my work/activities. I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly, and I'd appreciate any feedback!!
  4. RogueBanana

    Student Fitness Thread to end all fitness threads

    Hey guys, A lot of people are posting that they want to get healthier / lose weight / lift weights / start making good habits prior to entering or while in med school. So, being the healthy fruit that I am (no pun intended) I decided to make a thread for it! Anyone else that has experience or...
  5. Kasper1000

    *~*~*~* Osteopathic Acceptance Thread 2016-2017 *~*~*~*

    Here's the idea: let's try something slightly different this year. Instead of only a list of usernames and acceptances, it occurred to me that a few years ago, I would have loved to see people say what they thought were their reasons they couldn't get accepted and/or shouldn't try. What did you...
  6. C

    need help finding a thread

    A couple months ago there was a thread posted with a lot of useful information. It had a list of 10-20 questions ranging from, the interview process/ what are the easiest classes at your dental school/ hardest classes/ how do you like your dental school/ is the staff helpful/ is there enough...