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  1. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    Looking ahead, why a top-tier med school?

    What is the allure of top-tier med schools as opposed to mid-tier/state schools? I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially in regards to my strange notion of having to go to the best possible medical school. I had it in my head that I needed to be at some top-tier medical school in...
  2. P

    Chronic Illness and GPA Drop?

  3. U

    community college transfer - Ivy League/top tier-type level med school possible?

    Hello, my profile and questions are generalizable and I hope may help other premed students at a similar point in their undergraduate careers. I am a effectively a junior (in 5th of 6 total years of undergrad) at UC Davis. I was a community college transfer from the Peralta Community College...
  4. L

    MD Canadian, 3.88 GPA, 518 MCAT - Top tier American med school?

    Hi everyone, First time posting on here. I'm a 3rd year Microbiology and Immunology major at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. Expecting to graduate in 2017. I do not have permanent residency or citizenship in the US, but I am a Canadian citizen. GPA: 3.88 (over Years 1...