MD Canadian, 3.88 GPA, 518 MCAT - Top tier American med school?

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Sep 21, 2015
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Hi everyone,

First time posting on here. I'm a 3rd year Microbiology and Immunology major at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. Expecting to graduate in 2017. I do not have permanent residency or citizenship in the US, but I am a Canadian citizen.

GPA: 3.88 (over Years 1 and 2). Expected to be >3.90 by the end of 3rd year.

MCAT: 518
(129, 128, 131, 130)

- Volunteer research assistant in a microbiology/infectious disease lab in summer of 2014.
- Won a studentship to work in another lab in the summer of 2015, researching the effects of antiretroviral drugs on HIV+ populations (more translational medical research). I am continuing to work in this lab until April 2016.
- Presented a poster at a local symposium, and will have at least 2 more poster publications by March 2016. I also submitted an abstract (first author) to present at a renowned international conference, but I'm not guaranteed that my abstract will be accepted. If all goes well, I will also have a journal publication by the end of 2016.

- Crisis counselor (speak with suicidal, depressed, schizophrenic individuals) - 300+ hours (ongoing)
- Hospital volunteer shift supervisor (direct contact with patients in acute care, NICU, rehab, as well as with dementia patients at the attached care home) - 160 hours
- During highschool, I organized school events and charity fundraisers thru the leadership club - 350 hours
- Informal volunteering at my local mosque - 500 hours
- Have volunteered at many children's summer camps
- Briefly volunteered at a homeshelter (one summer)
- Much more, but the above are the major ones

- Chair of Recruitment - Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity
- Executive Board Member - Undergraduate Research Opportunities (club)
- UBC Orienations Leader
- Debate (grade 8-10)
- Tae Kwon-Do (grade 7-11)

Letters of Recommendation:
- 1 very positive from my current principal investigator (science/medicine faculty)
- 1 very positive from a family friend (personal)
- Expecting another strong letter from a new science PI, as I hope to work in a different lab next summer (science faculty)
- 1 good reference from Crisis Centre (volunteer/community)
- If needed, I can ask for a letter from my old English professor (non-science faculty)

- Many UBC awards, mostly based on academic excellence
- Research Studentship ($5000)
- A couple of minor scholarships ($3000)
- In high school: Top science, math, and English student

American medical schools that I am considering (in no particular order, other than the first five):
- Johns Hopkins (#1 dream school)
- Harvard (#2 dream school)
- Stanford
- UChicago Pritzker School of Medicine
- Yale
- UPenn
- Mayo
- Columbia
- Cornell

What are your thoughts? Do I have a realistic a chance at Johns Hopkins or Harvard, or am I just kidding myself here? Any input, advice, and critiques are welcome!
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