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    Externship Anki Deck - Topics to include?

    Hello everyone! I plan on making an Anki Deck at some point in the future once life gets a little more settled down. I was just curious what topics you all think I should include that could help you brush up on things, such as anatomy, instruments, and other potential pimpin' questions. Once I...
  2. K

    Oat topic changes?

    On the 2017 OAT topics list, I don't see magnetism under Physics. Is it safe to say that I won't be seeing this topic on the test?
  3. R

    Thoughts on my diversity essay topic?

    For my diversity essay topic I'm thinking of writing about a near death experience. Last year I travelled to Panama as part of a volunteer medical team. While we were there we went swimming in a water hole in the middle of the jungle. One of my team members couldn't swim so he started to drown...
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    MCAT 2015: Possible to relate Topics to Reasoning Skills?

    Has anyone tried to narrow down which specific topics in the Biology section are more likely to be asked as a Knowledge of Scientific Concepts and Principles (Skill 1) question? Some intuition regarding this would give my studying (and others') a bit more direction. Thanks!