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  1. Leftpaw

    Very medicore OAT. Need advice (WAMC).

    Hello! I would like some advice from the good people of this forum concerning my OAT results, which I got back yesterday. My cGPA is 3.2 and my sGPA is a bit below that (ditto with my pre-reqs - my post-bacc years-long repair process mostly focused on upper divisions). My biggest strength is...
  2. L

    DAT(PAT) score

  3. S

    DAT TS / AA/ PAT? Relative importance?

    Hello, guys. Long time lurker on sdn. I appreciate your contributions to the community! Quick question: How much do dental schools weigh TS and PAT compared to AA? Obviously AA is more important, but I scored few points higher on TS than AA, so i was wondering. The math section brought my...