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    (delete thread)

    Figured out the program my folks were talking about was the Touro CA "Master of Science in Medical Health Sciences (COM)" program... which means this thread is most likely redundant with that other one I saw. Ignore this thread; I'll read the site and the other thread.
  2. N

    DIY Post-Bacc: Assorted Questions

    Since I saw this distinction at the school I'd most likely do a DIY post-bacc at, would you be considered an undergrad (since you're not formally attending a grad school/researching/etc) or a grad (since you got your BS already)? Or does it not matter too much since you're only taking however...
  3. D

    MSMHS Touro California vs MABS Midwestern Arizona

    Hey guys, 1st time posting so hope I'm in the right section. I am currently deciding on a masters program to help me get into medical school (DO or MD). Do any of you know how Touro California's Masters of Science in Medical Health Science compares with Midwestern Glendale, Arizona's Masters...
  4. S

    California Northstate College of Medicine vs TUCOMCA vs AZCOM

    Accepted to these 3 schools. AZCOM vs TUCOMCA seems to be discussed quite a bit on SDN so I'll save that issue, but what about CNUCOM? I am skeptical of CNUCOM because it is so new and has not gained full accreditation yet for clinical rotations (if I recall correct). But if it does gain...
  5. simmac

    Touro ca vs Western comp

    Any current students, particularly MS2 & MS3 students, from either of these schools willing to give me some insight into their school experience? I'm grateful to have been accepted to both, but am having a hard time making up my mind. I've read all old/recent posts on these schools, and my...