tourocom ny

  1. F

    Touro-NY (Middletown) vs WVSOM

    Hey everyone! WVSOM Pros Public, established school (50 years) 99% Residency Match and really good match list this year (students got into derm, ortho, anesthesiology, urology, radiology) Nice environment (had a chance to visit the campus during my interview) Tuition/COA are cheaper than at...
  2. cosette7

    TouroCOM NY Campus Preference on AACOMAS

    TouroCOM NY Campus Preference on AACOMAS “Please denote what your campus preference is: Should you be offered an interview at TouroCOM-NY what campus would you prefer to interview at. Candidates will interview at one campus only and the interview outcome will apply to that campus only.” They...
  3. hgranger19

    Touro-COM Middletown First Semester Resources

    Hi, I wanted to know if there are any Touro-COM students in Middletown that would be willing to talk about their first semester experiences along with relaying the books, PPTS, or any resources that I could use to start preparing beforehand. I'd truly appreciate any help I could get in relation...
  4. J

    Touro COM Screening

    Hi, I had some questions about the Touro COM screening process. I was interested in applying to the Harlem campus, but I have heard that Touro screens applicants pretty seriously. Here are my questions: 1) Does anyone know what their cutoffs are? 2) If an individual is below the cutoff, does...
  5. T

    TouroCOM- Harlem vs. PCOM- GA

    I've recently been accepted to both schools and I'm having a hard time choosing between the two. I liked both campuses and I feel like academically they are pretty similar. I'm from New York, but I want to live and work in the South eventually so I would feel comfortable in both settings. I'm...
  6. S

    I'm Canadian, UNECOM vs TouroCOM

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted to TouroCOM Harlem and UNECOM - and I'm trying to make a difficult decision about which school to choose. Any advice/experiences/information that isn't readily available you think I should know? Main areas of concerns I am weighing: -The fact that Touro-NY...