1. D

    PCOM- GA vs TouroCOM- Montana

    PCOM-GA: Pros: Established reputation as a top medical school with strong clinical training opportunities Location in Atlanta, GA provides access to a large medical community and diverse patient populations Emphasis on community service and commitment to producing physicians who are dedicated...
  2. W

    TouroCOM Masters Program (Harlem Campus) 2023-2024

    posting this for the harlem/remote campus
  3. D

    Help choosing SMP

    Hey all, going to be doing an SMP to help boost my GPA and gain acceptance into medical school. Right now, I am accepted to all SMPs listed in the title and I need help weighing the Pros/Cons of each program. Now considering my age and situation, I would *prefer* to get into med school asap...
  4. cosette7

    TouroCOM NY Campus Preference on AACOMAS

    TouroCOM NY Campus Preference on AACOMAS “Please denote what your campus preference is: Should you be offered an interview at TouroCOM-NY what campus would you prefer to interview at. Candidates will interview at one campus only and the interview outcome will apply to that campus only.” They...
  5. G

    TouroCOM-Harlem vs Burrell COM

    I know that these two schools are pretty controversial. Just wanted to get general opinions on the two, and which is better if you had to pick between them. Thank you in advance :) PS I only attended an interview for TCOM, and my experience wasn't that bad!
  6. D

    DMU vs VCOM vs CCOM/MWU vs TouroCOM/NY

  7. M

    TouroCOM - NY Thread 2018-2019

    I read a lot of threads from previous years but failed to find one from this application cycle. If there is one out there that I haven't seen, I apologize. Anyways, after reading the ones from previous years I was curious about what the currently applicants are thinking about TouroCOM this year...
  8. T

    Tourocom Middletown housing

    Hi, I'll be starting at touro middletown in late July and will most likely be living on campus dorms. But I just wanted some thoughts on what to expect? I read on another thread that the facilites there are not the best at times. So, would getting an apartment nearby be a much better option...
  9. idkwhatimdoing

    AZCOM vs Touro-Harlem

    Hi guys!! I'm struggling to make a decision here. These are my current pros and cons list: AZCOM Pros: More established Higher avg COMLEX 1 (by 10pts) Consistently high COMLEX pass rates Research seems available to anyone who wants it Rotations seem good. I like you have an option for...
  10. T

    Tourocom vs RVCOM masters!?!

    I'm interested in doing a 1 yr masters program and just wanted your feedback on which in your opinion is better. I'm currently looking at Tourocom and Rocky vista. I'm mostly interested in these two because they don't require you to retake the mcat. (However, feel free to suggest any other...
  11. Steezy554

    TouroCOM Harlem MS program c/o 2016-2017

    Hey guys, wanted to start a thread for the entering class of 2016. I'm from Florida and pretty excited to be living in NYC & going to Touro. The masters program seems great there. Anyone else attending?
  12. M

    TouroCOM Middletown vs. LECOM Erie

    Hi All, I couldn't find an exact thread comparing these 2 schools that wasn't over 5 years old, I was hoping for a fresh perspective. I have been accepted to both schools and am having a hard time deciding between the two. My thoughts: Touro Middletown Pros: Dorms (convenient, cheap, no...
  13. simmac

    Touro ca vs Western comp

    Any current students, particularly MS2 & MS3 students, from either of these schools willing to give me some insight into their school experience? I'm grateful to have been accepted to both, but am having a hard time making up my mind. I've read all old/recent posts on these schools, and my...
  14. randomguy123456

    TouroCOM-Harlem's Affiliated Hospitals?

    I couldn't find this anywhere..but could someone please list TouroCOM-Harlem's affiliated hospitals? Thanks!