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  1. S

    AAMC Material Enough for Practice?

    Hey Everyone I have done the content part of the MCAT STUDYING and am now going towards the practice exams/question part. I was looking through AAMC Material and Noticed they have the: MCAT - Official MCAT Prep Bundle This bundle has: - Sample Test - Online Practice Questions - 3 full length...
  2. S

    For Sale Complete TPR set with notes

    See photo attached below for all of the books in the TPR set. All books are not marked in. Also included: Color-coded notes from the prep course. Pre-MCAT2015 Kaplan Prep books for additional practice Would like to sell as a set. Message me for pricing details. Buyer pays for shipping.
  3. S

    For Sale Selling TPR set and SN2ed set

    Complete TPR set from spring 2016 class. I can also send you color coded notes from the course. SN2ed Set. Breaking Down the MCAT: A 3 Month MCAT Study Schedule Kaplan pre-MCAT 2015 prep can be thrown in for free if you want them. Message me for pricing details. Buyer pays for shipping.
  4. S

    Excel Sheet with TPR and Kaplan Chapter Cross-Referenced

    Hello SDN Members! This is my very first post (that I started not a reply, that was yesterday)! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone past and present who have posted on these forums. I am "new", in the sense that I have been a quiet observer and have kept my eye on these forums for a long...
  5. browneyes1000

    For Sale Princeton Review MCAT 2015 Books

    Selling the books that came with my online course for $50.00 plus shipping to your location (I'm from MA, fyi these books are heavy). There is some minimal highlighting/writing (which I did before I realized I might want to sell these at some point). Otherwise books are in very good condition...
  6. Bucopharynx

    My common sense stress free MCAT 2017 Strategy!

    I am going to make this super short and sweet! I've spent more time than I'd love to admit 'researching' prep/review books and courses. At the end still coming to the basic fact that the MCAT tests three core concepts; which we all already know: 1. Foundation Concepts, 2. Content, and 3...