1. DoctorOrdinary

    MCAT test date

    Hey guys, I'm planning on registering for the MCAT soon but want to be 100% sure that I'm scheduling myself appropriately. My plan is to apply as soon as AMCAS opens up, so I would ideally want my scores before June 1st. The latest MCAT date that would allow me to do this would be April 13th...
  2. donutzebra

    How best to answer this interview question?

    Very simple question: "What do you do for fun?" A) "I enjoy playing chess, going swimming, and watching horror movies with friends. I feel chess really helps me to train my mind by encouraging me to always think several moves ahead and be careful about the decisions I make, because seemingly...
  3. T

    PhD/PsyD Second Doctorate

    Hey, everyone! A little bit of background: I am currently finishing my didactic phase and entering my research and dissertation next year, PhD Forensic Psychology; I expect to be finished/conferred sometime in 2019. Immediately following this, I intend to enroll in an APA-accredited PhD Clinical...
  4. A

    Gap year vs non gap year

    I'm sure this question has been asked probably a million times, but what is everyone's opinions on gap year vs not gap year? (Also I'm new to this website so bear with me pls) I'm going to be a Junior in August and my gpa is decent but I have an upward trend and if I apply as a traditional...
  5. R

    How does everyone complete Pre-Med reqs in undergrad?

    As a freshman in pre-med at a university that functions on the quarter system, I am already trying to figure out how I am going to complete all of my pre reqs in 3 years in order to take the MCAT and hopefully matriculate the year after graduating undergrad? So what's everyone doing? Do you guys...