trauma surgery

  1. C

    OBGYN vs. Gen Surg vs. What Else? Advice for a (probably too far) forward-thinking male M1

    So I'm an M1 at my state's allopathic program. I'm non-traditional, 27 yo, with a wife and 9 month old queen. Medicine is my passion. I'm super thankful to be where I am. I think it's incredible that I get to learn all this awesome stuff about the human body and then actually use it to make...
  2. J

    Dealing with tricky patients

    I'm a trauma surgeon and I've finished my fellowship recently. I work at a busy emergency hospital in a major metro, so I regularly see gunshot wounds, car crashes etc. Now for my patients and their families, it's probably the worst thing to ever happen to them and emotions are always running...
  3. D

    Acute Care Surgery/ Trauma Surgery

    What is the lifestyle of a trauma surgeon like? Especially at an academic hospital. How do things work at a level one academic place? I know different hospitals run things differently, like in an academic level one center with many attendings, they share in house call? What is it like being a...
  4. M

    Your experience during general surgery internship+residency, and/or trauma/critical care fellowship?

    I'm only a high school sophomore so correct me if I am wrong please, but I believe that the three I have listed are the things you do right after graduating from medical school if you're planning to become a trauma surgeon. Even if you're not specifically going for becoming a trauma surgeon...
  5. H

    trauma surgery

    i'm a minor and a freshman in highschool. i know its early to be wondering what i'll be wanting to do in the next 8 years but i want to be prepared. I know what trauma surgery is but i need a clear understanding. and i'm choosing between general surgery and trauma. what do i need to do or be...
  6. ruthhh

    research while trauma surgeon or ER doc?

    If I wanted to be a trauma surgeon or an ER doc could I also work in like a toxicology lab or do research like that either throughout my residency or while I was a practicing physician? (without doing an MD/PhD program)
  7. B

    Can vascular surgery perform embolizations for trauma or are these cases reserved for ir

    Can vascular surgery perform embolizations for trauma or are these cases only performed by ir? Ex: solid organ, pelvis
  8. B

    Who should and who does run traumas?

    Who should run traumas and who does at your institution? Does one specialty do a better job than the other? How does in house vs home call effect your outcomes?
  9. P

    Work-Week Trauma Surgery

    So I understand that a trauma surgeon works long hours (possibly >80+ hours). But my question is, how many days a week do trauma surgeons work. I.e. 5 days, 7 days?? Thanks in advance for the input.
  10. Mecidimes

    In what states are trauma surgeons/ER docs issued response vehicles?

    I'm curious to know where ER docs and/or trauma surgeons are issued response vehicles. When that happens, how does that work? Are there special cars that are reserved for docs, or do the docs build their own response vehicle like a volunteer firefighter does?