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    Choosing the right pre-med university.

    Hello, I got accepted into Texas Tech (Biology Major) and University of Texas at San Antonio (Biology Major). Which university will help me pursue my end-goal which is Medical school/ dream Medical school which is Baylor Medical. Moreover, taking these following points below into...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS TTU MOT

    Hi, all. I'm kind of just here to see what y'all think about my stats so far, and my chances of getting into a good MOT program. (: My overall GPA is 3.75 (will most likely hit over 3.8 after my last semester is done). In my last 60 hours I think I've made five Bs??? Don't exactly know the GPA...
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    Texas Tech Pharmacy 2017 applicants

    hey there, I wanted to go ahead and create a post for the application cycle that just opened. any fellow applicants out there for early decision or otherwise? share your stats or just come chat!