Dec 9, 2020
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I got accepted into Texas Tech (Biology Major) and University of Texas at San Antonio (Biology Major). Which university will help me pursue my end-goal which is Medical school/ dream Medical school which is Baylor Medical. Moreover, taking these following points below into consideration.

*GPA - Is there any grade inflation or deflation? Is it known around other medical schools/ Universities regarding their grading process?

*Since MD admission also looks at extracurricular activities which university has higher Research, Clinical Shadowing, and hospital volunteering?

*Which college is sending more students to medical college?

*Professors - Which one can really add value and prepare the student to handle MCAT and easy to approach with.

Thank you, for taking the time to help me by replying below. I am really anxious considering I have no one I can talk to that can truly help me in choosing the right university to help me on my journey of being a doctor. So thank you again.

Moreover, this post took inspiration from "javapoet55" thread.
Sep 26, 2019
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  1. Pre-Medical
Hi, I hope my answer is not too late. I figured I might try and answer since I am a recent graduate from a Texas university (UT Austin) as well (matriculating to an MDPhD program this coming year).

In general the choice of your undergrad is a very important decision - where will you spend your next four years as you toil away before med school? But the most important question you need to ask yourself is "will you enjoy your time at that college?" If you find yourself enjoying the thought of studying at one school more than the other, then choose the one you will enjoy more because that enjoyment will likely be reflected in your grades and activities. However I will briefly (attempt) to answer your questions.

1. Overall the place you pursue undergrad will likely not effect your med school chances significantly since med school requirements as well as the MCAT is pretty standard. I am not familiar with GPA deflation/inflation at either of these schools, but I am guessing that it will not be difficult to maintain a high GPA through undergrad at both schools as long as you stay focused and motivated.

2. So its important that you look for a college that has more resources/opportunities around to get healthcare related extracurricular activities (such as research, clinical volunteering, etc). I believe UTSA has Texas Tech beat here just because San Antonio has a lot more to offer and their medical center in the UTSA affiliated medical school is pretty impressive.

3. I am not sure - UT Austin makes this data available through their health professions website however I could not find similar stats easily available for both UTSA or Texas Tech.

4. You will be able to find great professors throughout your undergraduate career that can help build your application wherever you go - I do not believe Texas Tech or UTSA is inherently better than the other.

Although I would pick UTSA because I wouldn't enjoy living in Lubbock, in the end graduating from Texas Tech or UTSA will likely matter very little to admissions at a medical school. Rather, what's more important is that you show the committee you were successful, motivated, involved, and genuinely interested in medicine.

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