1. abtazz12

    Just received a LECOM secondary application email, to start class in 2018...?

    I applied to LECOM last year, to start this year, and got a rejection e-mail. I decided to apply again this year (to start next year, 2019). I completed the AACOMAS application, and got verified, a few weeks ago (in May). Well, today I received an e-mail from LECOM telling me to submit a...
  2. F

    can i withdraw then resubmit aacomas?

    CAN I RE-SUBMIT THIS CYCLE IF I WITHDRAW BEFORE VERIFICATION? this is probably the most pathetic thing you will read. I submitted my aacomas last week. I now downloaded the application as pdf to read through it and found 6 mf typos in my activities sections like a random "i" or period or wrong...
  3. MetalloBetalactamase

    I am a HOX Mutant but must take the PE....

    I was born with 9 thumbs and only one true digit. Yet I must type a SOAP note in 9 minutes for the COMLEX PE. I practice, but I come up with some gruesome typos when I try to type quickly. How much to typos count against you in the PE SOAP note?