uc san diego

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  1. EtherOne

    Transfer to UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, or UC Davis?

    Help, I am a pre-med transfer student. I got accepted to all my schools, MCB for Berkeley, MIMG for UCLA, Microbiology for Davis, and Human Bio for UCSD. I don't care too much about the weather. I was pretty much set for UC Davis, I love the small town and the environment, but now that I got...
  2. P

    Pre-med college decision: more selective UC, lower GPA vs. less selective UC, higher GPA?

    Looking for advice for my daughter who will begin undergrad as a freshman in fall 2017. She's going in with stellar academic record from one of the nation's top school districts, so it will be a shock to her system when she experiences "failure" for the first time in college - and it will happen...
  3. fernweh2438

    UC San Diego Extension Online Biochem??

    Ok there are way too many posts about online biochem courses, but I have yet to see anything about UCSD. I am trying to find a good online course and have not liked the reviews for UNE or UCB. Plus biochem at UCSD is only $550 which is far cheaper than I have seen anywhere else. So has anyone...
  4. L

    These are my stats. I have no clue

    [post N/A]
  5. nutritionbuff

    Current/Past Med students: UCI vs UCSD?

    Hi there, I am hoping that current or graduated medical students could shed some light on UCI and UCSD - beyond what can be read on their websites. I am choosing between the two schools and having a hard time.. In the last couple years, all the major differences that I could identify have been...
  6. neur0goddess

    anyone willing to read my UC app essay?!

    Super last minute, I know. Please PM me!!!!!!