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  1. A

    UC Berkeley Extension PEP Talk

    Hi! Welcome to your UCBX pep talk! If you're like me, you're midway through your biochem course thinking "HM, I wonder what I should expect for the final..." So you turn to google or SDN, and what you find might hit your stomach like a sack of bricks. For me, this was real, mind consuming fear...
  2. C

    UC Berkeley Extension Classes - Professor/Class Reviews

    Has anyone taken these class with these professors at UC Berkeley Extension? Could anyone comment on the quality of professor and level of difficulty? I can't seem to find any recent threads on this... Genetics (online) with Susan Parkinson Immunology (online) with Monica Ranes-Goldberg...
  3. bombai

    Physiology and Genetics Courses

    I'm a non-traditional pre-veterinary student (I already have an M.A. and a B.A.). I'm taking all the prerequisites I can at the junior college level. I already have taken Biochemistry (2 semesters) at the university level. I am having difficulty finding Genetics and Physiology courses that seem...