1. T

    Calculating GPA for Atlantic Bridge

    For those who applied to the Atlantic Bridge schools (5-year and 4year programs), how did you calculate your GPA? Did you use all courses that you have taken? What about repeat courses? Do they drop any credits? Would my GPA be the same as my OMSAS GPA?
  2. FutureVet1995!

    American Vet feelings of having a BVM/BVMS over DVM

    Hello, So I am having mixed feelings about graduating from a vet school that's degree would not make my official title Doctor aka DVM/VMD. I'm an American who's applied to both US and UK/Irish vet schools. I plan to work in the states once I'm licensed. And I just can't help but...
  3. A

    Irish Medical Schools

    Hi! I'm wondering whether anyone can give any advice on the various Irish universities offering graduate entry medicine (UCD,RSCI,Cork, Galway, Limerick). Infos regarding their reputation, teaching styles etc would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. crinkleyartist

    UCD Veterinary Program

    Hi there! I apologize if this has been asked/answered already but I'm in the process of choosing a veterinary school and (until I hear back from Tenn) I'm choosing between Dublin or Midwestern. If someone could tell me more about the pros and cons of both that would be super appreciated! I'm...