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    Should I retake? VERY unbalanced MCAT?

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    Unbalanced sGPA and cGPA. Uneasy about school list. WAMC

    Hello all. I am currently a senior in undergrad and working on developing my school list. Unfortunately my cGPA and sGPA are rather unbalanced due to poor decisions made during high school (dual-credit). This leaves me pretty confused about what schools to apply to. Any and all advice is greatly...
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    508 retake and uneven breakdown?

    Alrighty folks just got word of my mcat score and a bit disappointed 508 (128/123/127/130) As you can see everything else is fine but CARS killed me...if I had even scored an average 125 then I would be happy ugh!! I've never scored that low. Is an uneven breakdown a red flag? On AAMC, I scored...
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    Unbalanced MCAT, low CARS

    Hello! I am applying to MD and DO schools this cycle and am trying to decide if I should retake the MCAT. Here are my stats: cGPA: 3.94 sGPA: 3.99 MCAT: 506 (C/P: 128, CARS: 123, B/B: 126, P/S: 129) I have worked for two years in the OR and ICU at a big city hospital so I have gained tons of...
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    MD Unbalanced 508 MCAT, sGPA 3.63, cGPA 3.73, white male, CA resident, UCLA

    White male, not URM or disadvantaged, CA resident, UCLA, Human Biology and Society Major 508 MCAT: 128/124/131/125 sGPA: 3.63, cGPA: 3.73 MCAT Chem/Phys-128 –----87 percentile------10-11 on old MCAT CARS-124 –---------- 44 percentile ----- 7-8 on old MCAT Bio/Biochem-131 --– 99 percentile...
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    Unbalanced MCAT score?

    I took the MCAT back in July and I got a 520 (CP - 130, CAR - 131, BB - 128, PsS - 131). Will medical schools question my lower score on the BB section?
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    Unbalanced mcat 2015 (514) very low CARS

    So I just got my Mcat score back for the 8/5 exam and i got a very unbalanced score. I got an overall 514 which is 91st percentile but my score breakdown was: Chem/Phys: 131 (99th percentile) CARS: 122 (22nd percentile) Bio/Biochem: 130 (97th percentile) Psych/Soc: 131 (98th percentile) I...