1. agentfaithmd

    Shadowing Programs from Hospitals/Med Schools in Houston

    Hi everyone, I found two shadowing programs from St. Luke's and Baylor. Medical Mentor Program by St. Luke's DeBakey Summer Surgery Program by Baylor College of Medicine I know the typical thing is to ask a physician personally, but I was wondering if participating in these would be okay as...
  2. W

    Ph.D. or Psy.D in Forensic Psychology???

    Hi I stumbled across this website & I hope to get some advice/helpful info. So I'm interested in going to grad school & pursuing a degree in forensic psychology, but I keep going back and forth between Psy.D & Ph.D. Here's a little info about me, I'm currently Junior in college pursuing a major...
  3. Asphyxiation

    NYC - CMA Training but no accredited schools in the area?

    Hey guys, really new here so I apologize in advance if this is a little sloppy. I'm a first year Bio major and can't seem to get another job to save my life. Having a different job in line with my major and goals that also affords rent would be great but I also still need financial aid. I'm...
  4. G

    gpa question

    I am a sophomore in undergrad currently and plan to finish undergrad with a biology degree. I have taken two anatomy/physiology classes with labs and made an A in both of them. However, these two classes are not in my 4yr degree plan. Will they still be fully counted in my cGPA and sGPA? or will...
  5. RabbitLove

    Should I give up while I still can?

    I have wanted to be a veterinarian for six years. My entire life has basically revolved around caring for animals. I have even gone as far as to foster over 70 animals in the past three years, work for an animal shelter, and even obtain the position of, "small animal coordinator". I am no...
  6. P

    failed college course

    hi, I am taking a european history course and it is very difficult becauss there is so much information. What will happen if i fail this course? will I not be able to get into pharmacy school? its a not a course for my major but i need it to graduate its for the history requirment. please help I...
  7. F

    Help-too many math courses

    Hi All, Some background on myself: I am a non-traditional pre-med student, age 27 and am currently a bio major. After working 6 years in marketing to support my wife through nursing school I have finally begun my journey towards my dream-becoming a physician. I just completed my second semester...
  8. C

    Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Admission Chances

    Hey everyone, In May of 2015 I graduated from a top 50 University with a bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Information Technology. Medical school has always been my dream, but after junior year I was so burnt out from engineering school and didn't want to think about the...
  9. danid7771

    Is there anywhere to check the avg MCAT scores of students from various undergraduate institutions?

    Is there anywhere to check the avg MCAT scores of students from various undergraduate institutions? I'm interested in seeing what the outcome is for students coming from my school. Thanks!