under review

  1. Biggytooth

    Do Schools Usually Formally Reject You or Leave You 'Under Review"

    Hey people, Do most dental programs formally reject people they aren't interested in? Or do the vast majority just leave you 'under review' until the cycle is over? Thanks
  2. S

    Under Review Status

    Hi! I am starting to get extremely worried about my application status. It has been stuck at "under review" for more than a month now. This is for almost every school I have applied to. My app was complete and verified mid-June and the last interview invite I received was like early August. Is...
  3. IndianLake

    Application Status Question - Ohio State University

    I had a question about my status on AADSAS for OSU and wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. So I got my full application submitted (including supplement) to OSU by the third week of August. After it was submitted, my status on AADSAS changed to Under Review. On September...