1. X

    Poll: Would you retake a highly unbalanced (123/132/126/129) 510 MCAT?

  2. T

    508 retake and uneven breakdown?

    Alrighty folks just got word of my mcat score and a bit disappointed 508 (128/123/127/130) As you can see everything else is fine but CARS killed me...if I had even scored an average 125 then I would be happy ugh!! I've never scored that low. Is an uneven breakdown a red flag? On AAMC, I scored...
  3. C

    Uneven MCAT Score and Realistic Stretch Schools

    I just got my MCAT score back and I am planning on applying in the next week or two. C/P: 132 CARS: 124 Bio: 130 Psy/Soc: 130 Overall: 516 I am worried about my CARS score, but I do not want to retake the test. My GPA is 3.92. My stretch schools include Duke, Vanderbilt, and Emory. Do I have a...
  4. drewbins

    Uneven MCAT Score - MSTP

  5. R

    Uneven MCAT 2015 Score (131/126/131/131)