1. K

    Lost my faith in the MCAT after certain discoveries.

    Let me explain the background regarding the title. (And if anyone e (or the Mods) knows a better place this thread should be, let me know. Just don't delete it without letting me know) (This will get long, so bear with me if you can - no judgement if you don't) I graduated HS with a 2.7...
  2. J

    My past grades are haunting me! End of my medical career ?

    Hello guys, unfortunately i have been awaken by a harsh reality of my GPA bear with me here please. In the past i had no goals in my mind and i was having rough time when i was taking my classes. i am 25 at the moment and i am talking about the courses that i took 6-7 years ago where i had...
  3. stebgbby

    Should I retake a course with an easier professor?

    I have been going through many many forums and taking advice from those who have been in similar situations as myself. One piece of advice that I am learning is very very true in pre med is how a professor can really make or break your chance of success. My situation is this: I have taken 3...