1. I

    Governor State

    Is there anything unique about Governor State's DPT program? Anything that you guys like about the program?
  2. JaxJax17

    MD Low MCAT, Student Athlete: Chances & School List?

    3.63/3.5 GPA 505 MCAT Score. 125 P/C, 125 CARS, 127 Bio, 128 Psych State of residence: California Ethnicity and/or race: White/Caucasian Undergraduate institution or category: State University in CT Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer): 350+ hours at the Griffin Hospital...
  3. B

    Unique Fellowship & Rotation Opportunities in Drug Pricing

    Looking for a unique pharmacy fellowship opportunity? Or are you a younger student hoping to land a great rotation experience for your final year? If either apply to you, check out the attached brochure for more details. Applications are now live for both the APPE 2017-18 rotation and the...
  4. F

    Weird/unique residency programs

    Is anyone aware of particularly unique residency programs at various teaching hospitals? I came across a good example of one yesterday when I found out about Penn's "Cutaneous Oncology" program. At any other institution, this is usually a post-derm fellowship, but at Penn, it appears to be a...