university counseling

  1. Flaw

    American vs Canadian Schools (undergrad & med school)

    As a Canadian looking to pursue medicine–with the ultimate goal of practicing in the US–would applying to an American school yield any significant advantage over doing my schooling here in Canada. My only fear is not being able to find work in the US if all of my schooling stems from across the...
  2. CbasCoC2016

    EC leadership positions for transferring to an undergraduate school?

    Hello SDN! I'm on my sophomore year and I have the opportunity to be the vice-president in a small honors society called Sigma Zeta (pretty much more STEM majors) or becoming the Public Affairs Liaison for the American Medical Student Association(AMSA). Since I will be becoming the...
  3. F

    PhD/PsyD Loan Forgiveness while working in University Counseling

    I'm working in a university counseling center at a large state university in a rural area and am enrolled in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. This is going to help me pay off my federal loans but I have a few private loans from undergrad that did not qualify. I am looking to see if...