university of maryland c/o 2022

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    ***University of Maryland PharmD (UMSOP) Acceptance Thread***

    Hey guys! I can't seem to find a thread for UMSOP, so I just decided to make one. Anyone going to Maryland?
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    Hi SDN friends, I have a couple questions and doubts about the application process, I just retook the DAT on January 4th, the first time I took the DAT, my scores were the following: OGPA: 3.1, SGPA:3.3 PAT:19, Q.R: 14, RC: 15, BIO: 17,G.C: 17, O.C: 20, T.S: 18, A.A: 17 The second time I...
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    University of Maryland c/o 2022

    Who else is applying to UMD? Anyone hear anything back yet?