untraditional student

  1. P

    Dental School Chances

    Hi so I just graduated from high school with an associate degree with a gpa of 3.724 but I have only taken 1 semester of calculus, biology, genetics and 2 semester of general chemistry with a science gpa of 3.23. I am taking more biology and organic chemistry this fall semester. I was wondering...
  2. samuel984

    Need advice for career and medical school application as an international student

    Hi there, It's really nice to see many posts and answers from friendly people here. However, I think my situation is quite unique, so I hope to find some advices here. I'm a second year master student of computer science in a UC school, and obtained my bachelor's degree of Biochemistry from...
  3. C

    SMP vs MS in Biostats

    Hi everyone, I'm a 30-year-old untraditional student with a career in the tech industry, heavy on the statistics/programming. I took all my med school pre-reqs over the past couple of years, and applied to med school this year (MCAT 506, gpas ~3.4, thanks to a few C's from my undergrad 10...
  4. B

    Please help, 20 yr old, 3.0 gpa

    Hi everyone, I need to know if it's worth it for me to pursue being a doctor or not. My situation: I entered as a student at Virginia Tech (am 20 years old) and am currently a rising senior (have done 3 years) with a 3.0 gpa. Initially I had plans to be a doctor but then the fear of debt got to...
  5. D

    How can i get my science GPA with a business BA already

    Hi, I got business BA abroad ten years ago. I am thinking to change my career in the U.S. and go to dental school 2-4 years later. But I have never taken science courses before. I know if I apply a dental school, I need BA degree plus science course GPA plus DAT score.So I want to go to college...