untraditional student

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    SMP vs MS in Biostats

    Hi everyone, I'm a 30-year-old untraditional student with a career in the tech industry, heavy on the statistics/programming. I took all my med school pre-reqs over the past couple of years, and applied to med school this year (MCAT 506, gpas ~3.4, thanks to a few C's from my undergrad 10...
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    Please help, 20 yr old, 3.0 gpa

    Hi everyone, I need to know if it's worth it for me to pursue being a doctor or not. My situation: I entered as a student at Virginia Tech (am 20 years old) and am currently a rising senior (have done 3 years) with a 3.0 gpa. Initially I had plans to be a doctor but then the fear of debt got to...
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    How can i get my science GPA with a business BA already

    Hi, I got business BA abroad ten years ago. I am thinking to change my career in the U.S. and go to dental school 2-4 years later. But I have never taken science courses before. I know if I apply a dental school, I need BA degree plus science course GPA plus DAT score.So I want to go to college...