1. D

    What Internship Should I Pick: Children vs Adult's Hospital

    I've been fortunate enough to be offered two pharmacy intern positions as a P0 starting this summer. Here are the essential differences between each position: > Primary Children's Hospital (SLC, Utah): Starting pay is $17.72/hr and I would obtain experience in Central Pharmacy Infusion...
  2. utahpt1

    University of Utah 2017/18 Cycle

    Who else is applying to the UofU this cycle?? I just got their email said that interview invites will be sent out no later than the 2nd week of December. Anyone have any insight on last years interviews or what they have thought of the school?
  3. Ahrtbeatbehind

    University of Utah

    I tried a search and poked around for several minutes looking for anyone who applied for the University of Utah this year (class of 2020). I finished my applications but it was way confusing on the process this year. I was hoping that it wasn't just me. I know they are only accepting 60...